Efundu: India’s first Syllabus Cartoons

Imagine learning that’s driven by comics and storytelling. Sometimes with content from the school syllabus and sometimes extra. And, sometimes with on the spot assessments if you choose.

It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s a wonderful use of the addictive world of cartoons. Efundu facilitates creativity and curiosity to help the child learn in a happy way that builds the confidence to ask and discover.

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Efundu Syllabus Cartoons, to replace fear with fun in Education: Efundu, fun in edu,  is based on the cornerstones of Stress-free, Self-learning & Syllabus-driven pedagogy. Our mantra is that a happy child absorbs knowledge that stays and helps him or her in strengthening fundamentals better.

Comics capture the addiction of a wonderful visual medium to deliver learning. It reinforces languages, impacts memory, uses powerful hooks to build on the subject matter to create an impression in young minds. Efundu content is distributed across books, comic strips, e-books, motion comics, offline and online.  

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The Efundu Way:

A Curated approach for maximum impact:

The concept of visual learning, storytelling and language is a result of consistent application and has been made possible with constant interaction with our advisory team. Content and technology go hand in hand for us, with constant feedback monitoring. Keeping in view the NEP (National Education Policy) and the classification of primary school, we are aligned to keeping our content dynamic, and create concepts that strengthens foundational, numerals, reading comprehension, along with language.


15 thoughts on “Efundu: India’s first Syllabus Cartoons

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  1. I Just ordered this book on Amazon , Congratulations and all the best !
    Wish you guys would ship international as well.
    Any plans for books catering to younger children ? shapes/colors/ numbers/ kannada alphabets
    Do reach out if funds run dry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We are first working on primary and will later move on to other classes. Will keep you updated. Or maybe you could like our page efundu.guru on FB so we stay connected! Cheers.


  2. Awesome idea. Kids will sure love it. I will show it to my boys (9 and 5). Keep it up! Keen to know the other chapters. I might pass this on to my son’s school teacher too (in CA).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Srinivas, Remember that in college you loved to use the word “fundu” 🙂 . Loved the name and the tagline! Hope to connect and learn more of what you do. All the best!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Srini – amazed by your work. Let me know how can I help in keeping this flag flying high….


  5. Very Nice concept wish you the very best dear. Do share your plans and timelines along with what all classes and subjects are in pipeline. All the best once again


  6. Very Interesting !!! Its a great idea to put kids thru this media where they can narrate everything as a subject ..Visualization is a very important part of learning…..Its almost like Photographic Memory…
    Its Great ,and all the Best …keep the good work going..

    Liked by 1 person

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