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Under an affirmative CSR action program for government schools, we also strive to make Bilingual Efundu books available to underprivileged children and promote the cause of equal education to create an equal learning platform. We thank our wonderful partners – corporate, individuals and NGOs who make Efundu happen in government schools. We are also thankful to the governments for their active support for our initiatives.

“Children are learning Kannada, English and Environmental science together.”  M.R.  Ananth  Kumar, Founder, Kaliyuva Mane, Divya Deepa Charitable Trust, Mysore, “Children love this book. Our teachers and children, both are using the book. If we teach only in English, children fail to understand and lose interest.  If we teach only in Kannada,  rural children will be missing an important life skill.  Your book fills this important niche.  Children are learning Kannada, English and Environmental science together. We appreciate the efforts in bringing such a beautiful book.”  

Efundu reaches hundreds of classrooms through its NGOs / Foundation partners who take the books to the government schools. We are grateful for the wonderful association and support of our partners.

2015: 10,000 copies of the pilot book, 6 lessons of EVS class 5 NCERT, reached the libraries of over 1100+ government schools in Bengaluru through our partner Akshaya Patra Foundation apart from Sikshana & Dream School Foundation.

2016: Efundu has reached over 1200+ classrooms and partnered programs with Agastya, Akshara, India Literacy Project, Parikrma, Makkala Jagriti, Meghshala & Hippocampus.

2017: To further support corporate requirement of aligning with NGOs / Foundation for CSR grants, Efundu has partnered with Meghshala Foundation, MSTQ Trust of TattvaQ Life Labs and India Literacy Project who run large scale intervention in many states. We hope to reach not just libraries, but also give individual copies to kids.

2018: Art of Living schools have taken Efundu to its libraries in 17 states. Also as a collaboration initiative, Career Planner book on careers was done with India Literacy Project and a teacher’s guide on Constructivism for Teachers was completed with Agastya International Foundation. Both books are now in language versions.

2019: Swamy Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM) has introduced Efundu as part of the syllabus for students in its Viveka School of Excellence, off Mysuru.

Corporate Social Responsibility: We welcome corporate & private sponsors who would like us to partner them in their philanthropic programs and CSR initiatives. We believe that caring and sharing has to go hand in hand as an evolution rather than an opportunity. Partner us in this journey, for details, please mail:

    .                     ILP logo

“Love what they do.” Pramod Sridharmurthy, Secretary, India Literacy Project, “For all of us, value education has always been through stories, etched in our minds even after decades. I always wondered why we were not replicating this for our school subjects, until I came across efundu. This is exactly what I was looking for! Love what they do. We are already using their books in about 200+ Govt schools in Tumkur.” 



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  1. Hello,
    As part of CSR, we can offer our children’s unique Animation filled PHYSICS website free to the children you are taking care — who are getting fedup and frustrated and dropping out from our over-the-top education system. ( I launched my website with a very similar motive – to teach students through 3D Animations and friendly explanations, as against a typical textbook style.)

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