Efundu Way

The Efundu Learning Joyride with Films, App, Comics & EBooks for school! Because it’s okay to replace fear with fun in learning 🙂 


Chatbot: Efundu Zybot Web App

efZybot is the Efundu chatbot, tech avatar of our favourite teacher, Zyno! Read up and take tests on environmental studies. Glance through some introductory science secrets. Stay safe as you learn about safety in schools. Enjoy some ‘helmetoons’ that reinforce safety when you ride or drive.

A glimpse into a multitude of Career Choices too for the high school students. Links to the Efundu youtube channel and store. Zybot is constantly being updated with new content so keep visiting.

Android App: Efundu Zybot

Efundu Zybot is also available on the playstore for android phones as ‘Efundu Zybot’. Most parents prefer to check on the ‘Career Plan’ section on the mobile while teachers find it easy to recap the ‘Constructivism for Teachers’. All content has been slotted as Now New, Primary, Channel, Secondary, Teachers, General and Upcoming. It’s easy to take the ‘Happiness Test’ here too 🙂


Videos: Efundu Qlass Youtube Channel 

Streaming on youtube is Efundu Qlass, with storytelling and short films on science and environmental studies. The motion comics take the students through an informative journey in an enjoyable manner. On the anvil are languages along with more content every now and then.


Comics: English and Bilingual Comic Books

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