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Teacher, friend, adventure guide Zyno, takes different forms from a bee to a sultan, taking the brother-sister Inga & Mini, duo on an adventure learning trip. Also includes stories on Deforestation & Body Safety Rules.

Pages 28  13 stories

Ages 9 -11 years

INR 99

Parents’ Feedback:

Five Stars Amazing concept..education in a story format!……any idea that makes learning simple is an asset to our kids.

Exceptionally efundu What an idea of innovative teaching which kids enjoy while reading to activated their analytical mind. Superb concept of learning and educating children.

Niece loved the book Niece loved the book. Its a diffferent and nice method to teach children about the basic concepts through comics using epic characters!!!

Highly recommended! Very interesting book for kids. Combines learning and storytelling in a very unique manner with some very fascinating illustrations.

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