Money Math

Learn the Math that is relevant for life

Financial Literacy is an important Life Skill 

Learning about money early on in life will help us take care of our future interests better. It is an important life skill to learn how money is generated and how it grows, in order to appreciate how people earn and save. Responsible use of money can also help share the good things of life with others too. 

Using Money Plant to Know Money Better

The leaves of the Money Plant hold the definitions to basic knowledge about money. Levels have been created to help you learn step by step, question and know more about money. The Money Test puts across situations for better understanding.

Level 2 Know Capital and Credit
Level 4 Simple Interest or Compound Interest?

Keep learning. Keep growing. Level by Level. 

Go to -> Click to enter Efundu Zybot -> Click Primary Activity -> Go to MoneyMath

As we add more content and Money Tests, tools like the interest calculators will show you how money actually grows. See you at the next level soon.

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