Happiness Test

A fun based multiple-choice test that will leave you in splits. No marks, only smiles 🙂

Get your child to take the FREE Happiness TEST!

Go to Efundu.app -> Efundu Zybot -> Happy May -> Happiness Test

On Efundu.App, click Efundu Zybot to go to the application
Click – Enter Efundu Zybot – and go to Happy May
From Efundu Zybot home, click Happy May tab and get going!
The fun Happiness Test will give your happiness level, along with a lot of joy!

Campaign Happy May 2021: There is no greater joy than the smile of a happy mind 🙂

Happy May

Efundu presents the Happy May month of toons and fun tests! Globally, May is recognised as the Mental Health Awareness Month while the 5th of May is celebrated as the World Cartoonists’ Day!

Promoting well-being, Efundu bridges both as comics are truly stress-busters 🙂 Cartoon strips shared included a series from Mind Mint, Healthy Nut and Nature Secrets.

Visit efundu.app daily for the interesting nuggets and small Fun test apart from the main Happiness Test!

PROMO: https://www.efundu.app/happy-may

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