Team Dream

Efundu is a collaboration of Creative professionals, Wonderful Teachers, Students who helped us pick their mind, open minded professionals from Education, Industry, IT, Governance, and loads of special support from kind people.

Core Team:

VS Prativadi,
Shruthi S Narayan,
Dr Vijayaraghavan Chariar, Mentor at IIT Delhi

Founder / Creative Lead:

Vijay Srinivas Prativadi (Creative Director with over 20 years exp; Ex-Lintas/Ogilvy)

Co-Founder / Tech Lead:

Shruthi S Narayan (Techie with 11 years exp/ Ex-Infosys/SAP Labs & 5 years as Partner & Govt CSR Lead)

Developer: Tech Lead with 2 years exp; AI / ML / Python / Android developer)

Co-Founder / Production Leads:

Creative Head & Writer (VS Prativadi); Digital Art (Rao Srinivas); Film Production: VG Baskar (Director / Editor)

Co-Founder / Outreach & CSR:

Project Director: Gurunandan Jayaram (Project Lead – B2B / CSR; Ex- IBM Project Manager/ Scrum Master)

Project Domain Advisor (Health):

Dr. Sandhya Lakshmi (Physician & Therapist)

Science Leads:

Dr. Rama Chari, Physicist & Teacher. Deep interest in Lasers, science education, environmental issues, primary literacy and numeracy. Earlier at Dept of Atomic Energy, Govt of India.

Dr. Angayar Pavanasam, Researcher & Teacher, focussed on Chemistry and Math. Academician with a keen interest on educational models of India, Singapore, Middle East, UK.

Dr. Ram Kashyap, Scientist and Researcher

Project Leads:

Project Language Editors (Andal J, Dharmashree B, Shruthi N, Meera Hadap).

Project Digital Art: Aniruddh B, Suresh V Project Social Media: Pooja Malgi Project Partner Print: Madhukesh B (Scanline)

Project Domain Advisor (Finance):

CA Shubha Ganesh (Trainer & Teacher)

Project Mentors :

Dr GV Iyengar, Ex-Adjunct Professor at Tufts University;  Jyothi Thyagarajan, Educationist & Trustee, Meghshala; Ranganath Iyengar, SIIPL Consulting; KR Jagannathan, Planning.

Social Impact & Publishing: Ravi Acharya, Faculty, Ex-IIM/ FLAME Pune; Dr Ramaswamy Iyengar, Educationist & Ex-Principal; Uma Iyengar (Author/Partner, The Book Review)

Project Advisors:

CSR Advisors: Vidya Yedavalli, Auditor/ Trainer (MSTQ Foundation); Benedict Paramanand, Editor, Sustainability Next/ CEO, Bangalore BizLit Festival. Kamakoty Krishnamoorthy, Skills &Training.

Art Mentors: BG Gujjarappa, Cartoonist /Painter; NS Narsimhan, Cartoonist /Animator.

Art Review: K Gopinath (Ex-Ogilvy Creative Head Art; Feature Film writer).

E-Learning: Dipti Patil-Salian, LearningSpirit; KS Manjunatha, iQuest Technologies.

For further info, please mail: or

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