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Welcome to Syllabus Cartoons where children can play with their school content and learn in an absorbing adventure. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s a wonderful use of the addictive world of cartoons. The comics start with class 5 Environmental Studies with updated relevant content, to make a great learning tool for any child.

Visual aids present a powerful option to enhance information sharing. This is demonstrated wonderfully as children dream up an imaginary world around them, absorbing information on their own. This magic is now extended to education through syllabus cartoons, helping children engage and absorb lessons better.

The cornerstones to our learning pedagogy is also passion that cheers the spirit of learning of a fearless mind, which would bear a close resemblance to a child’s unbiased mind. This is natural learning, where children engage spontaneously to play, absorb and learn.

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So why shield children from cartoons when this particular addiction reveals a teaching tool?

Engaging in free time or using it for storytelling in school, Efundu doubles up as a nice revision medium. Using storytelling as an effective teaching tool and the enchanting delivery medium of cartoons, Efundu presents syllabus content with large doses of entertainment.

The first product for ages 9-11, is built on NCERT syllabus (National Council of Educational Research and Training, Government of India), Environmental Studies Looking Around. Cartoon characters go through a learning adventure, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds and their learning canvas. Flipbook:

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