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Financial Literacy is an important Life Skill 

Learning about money early on in life will help us take care of our future interests better. It is an important life skill to learn how money is generated and how it grows, in order to appreciate how people earn and save. Responsible use of money can also help share the good things of life with others too. 

Using Money Plant to Know Money Better

Based on interactive learning, the definitions of various topics of finance are laid out along with a fun money test to check the learning. Check out the Simple interest and Compound interest calculator as well. Levels have been created to help you learn step by step, question and know more about money.

Keep learning. Keep growing. Level by Level. 

Learn the Math that is relevant for life

Financial literacy is an important real world skill that truly adds up.

Happiness Test @ Efundu.App


Campaign Happy May 2021: There is no greater joy than the smile of a happy mind

Efundu presents the Happy May month of toons and fun tests! Globally, May is recognised as the Mental Health Awareness Month while the 5th of May is celebrated as the World Cartoonists’ Day!

Promoting well-being, Efundu bridges both as comics are truly stress-busters  Cartoon strips shared included a series from Mind Mint, Healthy Nut and Nature Secrets.

Visit daily for the interesting nuggets and small Fun test apart from the main Happiness Test!


Efundu Qlass & Efundu Zybot

Efundu Qlass

Efundu Qlass, is a series of motion comics with short films on various topics, that take the students through an informative journey in an enjoyable manner. Language versions, coming soon.

Efundu Zybot, the Chatbot avatar of Zyno goes live in its beta version with real world Life Skills, Environmental, Values & Science stories, apart from a fun series on Helmetoons, and a treasure trove of info on Careers.

WebApp: For all laptops on

Android: Download Efundu Zybot from Playstore

Zyno Class :)

Our friendly alien teacher Zyno, who comes from the future, is ready with some quick bites of concepts. Crisp strips of wisdom for young minds, with a dash of wit to linger on. Earlier, the series ran in NIE school newspaper to reach a million kids. The series continues along with new content on the Efundu Zybot app (Android & WebApp). Enjoy 🙂

#1: Managing waste: Can you eat a plastic chair?!

#2: Yes you can eat water!

zyno class panel 2

The Bilingual Twist

Evolution for Efundu. Revolution for Learning: India’s first Syllabus Cartoons in a bilingual avatar.

While it is easy for private school children to soak up content in English, we found that government school children learn well in their regional language. But at the same time, they aspire to learn English.  Efundu addressed this by creating Bilingual Cartoon books, with English and the Regional language content together, next to each other. So one can learn in their language and have an option to pick up English too. The first Kannada-English book of Efundu5 is out and more languages like Hindi are due to release soon. True freedom to learn.

1 Final Efundu English Cover   2 Final Efundu EngKan5 bilingual cover   3 sample hindi


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